What is AWANA?

AWANA is a weekly discipleship experience that teaches kids to love the God of the Word by helping them love the Word of God.

AWANA exists with the sole purpose of reaching kids with the Gospel and engaging them with lifelong discipleship, that they would know, love and serve Jesus Christ. 

By giving kids a lasting grasp on essential biblical truths, helping them to bond with godly friends and mentors, and situating fun and friendship in the context of godliness, we ground kids' identities in "The Great Connection" of scriptural depth and God-honoring relationships

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AWANA's Ministry Philosophy

What Happens During Every AWANA Night?
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Group Teaching

Large group Scripture experiences geared to make disciples at every age.

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Defining fun, excitement, and sportsmanship as God-centered experiences.

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Handbook Time

Growing commitment to the Bible by committing the Bible to memory.

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AWANA COVID Safety Information
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Email awana@tcaa.com for questions.