From early childhood or maybe our early teens years, we began to hear of a book called the Bible. It may have first appeared in our vision on a family living room coffee table or a thicker type book on a shelf in our home with other volumes. Seemly unmistakeable— in its persona and its look—-for some reason, no doubt this book is different.

We most likely investigated a little and heard of two sections in this book. One that is old and a newer section. Seemly, two parts to this big book. Someone wise might have insisted that it is the Word of God. This book tells a story like none other. From the beginning of time until the end of time. From where we can’t see, to where we can’t see. These 66 books help us see before we existed and gives us glimpses into the future. It’s the Bible, and it has a descriptor—-it is Holy.

This sermon series answers questions about why this book is the best seller of all time. Why there are 66 books—39 in the older section (Old Testament) and 27 in the newer part (New Testament). Why are these books in the order that we presently possess in the Bible? Why were other books not allowed in the order of the Bible? Many, many questions we may have—but there are reasonable, conscience answers that are undeniably and unmistakably true and provable. It’s time to grow our faith in how positionally reliable the Bible is in placing our faith in Christ and him alone. This revelation comes from the Bible—-it’s about God’s Son, Jesus.

No doubt this book is different. You can carry this book into a coffee shop or under your arm somewhere, when people are around, they will look and stare—-it’s the eternal, powerful, Word of God.