Here you will find recent up to date information on TCAA's COVID-19 response.

On-Campus Service will resume this Sunday, August 16th at 9am and 11am, with LIVE Online at 9am. No other activities will be on campus at this time, stay tuned. If you are sick or uncomfortable please stay home and join us Live at 9am.  


General Guidelines Under Executive Order 2020-18 and Executive Order 2020-33:

• Attending places of worship are defined as an essential activity.

• When engaging in essential activities that are constitutionally protected, there is no mandated

physical distancing requirement. However, such protected activities should be conducted in

a manner that provides appropriate physical distancing to the extent feasible.

• All Arizonans should use their best judgment in suspending public activities that can be

delayed for the purposes of protecting the individual and the public as well as preserving vital

healthcare resources.


Good Practices: www.cdc.gov · www.azhealth.gov · www.dol.gov · www.osha.go

• Stay at least 6 feet away from other patrons.

• If you are at higher risk for severe illness, you should avoid places of worship. People

at higher risk for severe illness include adults 65 or older and people of any age who

have serious underlying medical conditions.

• Do not touch your eyes, nose, or mouth.

• When arriving and after leaving the place of worship, use hand sanitizer. When you get home, wash

your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.