Fighting is not fun.  You learn quickly, even if you are good at it, you will lose on any given day.  Lucky shots come quickly.  Don’t look away too long or at all. Ask the great fighters of the past.  Rocky.  Undefeated MMA champions. Muhammad Ali.   Do we have to mention more?  Okay.  Cain.  Jacob wrestled God and lost.  He limps because of the altercation.  These are in the Book of Genesis.  All lose when they thought they had won.


You get the picture.  Don’t fight when you don’t have to fight.  The old saying, “be a lover, not a fighter” will safeguard the position of teeth and valuable organs in the physical world.


The Apostle Paul was writing to a young preacher man, Timothy.  The Bible says through God’s heart and Paul’s pen, “…to FIGHT the good fight of faith.”   This very statement in 1 Timothy Chapter 6 shouts as the ring announcer, the fight is on…it’s time—- to rumble in our faith!


The fight Paul is announcing is the fight of FAITH.  We are all living in an upside world that needs to be right-sided.  Till Jesus comes back a second time, we are to fight, not according to the flesh but according to faith in Christ.  All the needed spiritual weapons are provided by King Jesus to win the spiritual battle (2 Peter 1).  His precious promises pump us up!  


This next TCAA journey through the scriptures will encourage us to put on the full armor of God-Ephesians 6.  It is time to pick up the shield, helmet, and the Sword of the Word of God.