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In the creation story, Genesis Chapter One describes that the earth was void, dark, and lifeless.  It needed a touch.  Who could have a touch that this earthly sphere needed?  God’s voice was like a touch.  He spoke everything into existence in six normal, human-observed days.  God rested and enjoyed his work on the seventh day.  He even walked with his creation.


Two chapters later in Genesis, the world and creation have fallen into void, darkness, and lifelessness.  Sin has entered into the world.  Man sinned.  This earthly sphere needs another touch.  Death is a ruling factor at that point. The first touch was creation, the second will be salvation.


His next touch will be through God’s voice once again, but he will return to walking personally with men and women.  God will use much time in between creation and His next touch on the earth. God initiated and God designs once again.


This touch from God was by sending his only Son.  The Lamb of God.  Emmanuel—-God with us.  God time and his way (Galatians 4:4).  Jesus would be that touch.  God sent Himself to save man.  The second touch is salvation by death which was the total and perfect sacrifice for the sins of man.  And…by the way…Jesus conquered death by his powerful and very evident resurrection.  


This makes CHRISTmas what it should be.  Jesus came from heaven to earth to show us the way.  From the earth to the cross, our debt was paid.  From the cross to the grave, and from the grave to the sky….let’s lift the Lord’s name on high during this holiday season.