Leviticus is one of those books in the Bible you might skip in your devotional readings, but please don’t skip this third book of the Bible. Genesis has told us that God created the world in seven days, and providentially chose and arranged his choices with Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and throughout history. He is sovereign. Exodus jettison us 400 years from Joseph to Moses. Jehovah God chose Moses and him by mission of God leads the Hebrews out of Egypt. The Book of Exodus ends with the glory of the Lord in, through, and over the Tent of Meeting. The Book of Leviticus, tells of how life should operate with the exit of Jews from Egypt, and now this Israeli desert caravan survives and make it to the promised land.  In the midst of this journey, they have to continually worship and serve the Lord. This is the story of Leviticus.