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Connecting lost 7th-12th grade STUDENTS to a MATURE walk with CHRIST

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What does a "mature walk with Christ" look like? The Bible defines this for us in

1 John 2:6,

"If anyone claims to abide in Jesus, he should walk in the same way in which Jesus walked."

Our vision is that every student would have a life and ministry that looks like Jesus' life and ministry. This means making disciples who KNOW the Father as Jesus did through daily fellowship with Him, SUBMIT to the Father as Jesus did in personal obedience and purity, and REPRESENT the Father as Jesus did in a missional lifestyle of daily evangelism and discipleship among peers.


Our family is centered around sound Biblical teaching, fun, and bonding with God and with godly mentors and peers.

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Wednesday Nights: Student Wednesdays!
Show up to gain friends, have fun, and experience growth! Come prepared for all new games, small groups, and events!
Our new time is 6:15-8pm each week. 
Our course this year is "Christ in Focus." We're tackling 1 Corinthians to discover how centering on Jesus allows us to discern God's path amidst our culture's toughest controversies.

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Sunday Mornings (11a-Noon): Student Worship
Experience peer-lead worship and ignite lasting Biblical discernment and devotion. 
Our Sunday Series from AWANA YM, "TREK: His Story," walks through a chronological view of the entire Bible.  It empowers students with a knowledge of biblical history and theology that takes the intimidation out of Bible Study. Students learn that the Bible is the story that explains their story—and the stories of the world their peers—and equips them to engage their culture as confident disciples of Christ. 

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Coming 2021: An inter-church weekend conference outlining a Biblical view on the most crucial cultural topics facing students.
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StudentServe is a leadership group for discipleship-minded students, designed to prepare the next generation of Christian leaders. It marries current ministry planning with practical discipleship training and includes a series of domestic and foreign discipleship experiences. Coming soon.

Meet The Next Generation Pastor


Luke McMeans

Interim Next Generation Pastor